Friday, January 29, 2010

Initial Project Plan

Project: Dragging tabs from one browser to another browser in Seamonkey

SeaMonkey is a web browser powered by Mozilla

The bug I have chosen to do is to add the functionality of dragging tabs from one SeaMonkey window to another. This functionality already exists in FireFox and has not been ported over to SeaMonkey. This project is a ease of use for the SeaMonkey users but I still think it is an important function to have. The reason why I have chosen to do this as my OSD600 project is because I am interested in the frontend work of web browsers. This project will give me insight into the inner workings of FireFox and SeaMonkey.

I found this project on this bug page

Following my work
I will keep progress of my on my blog

I am doing open source project for OSD600, a course at my school. Expect the following releases

0.1 Release Feb 25
-Transplant code from FireFox to SeaMonkey for moving tabs from browser to browser
0.2 Release Mar 15
-Begin to code classes to allow transfer or tabs between browsers
0.3 Release Apr 5
-Be able to move tabs from browser to browser

What I need to learn
In order for me to learn how to begin with this project I need to brush up on my javascript. Learn how FireFox handles its tabs and how it can move the tabs from browser to browser. Also learn how to SeaMonkey handles tabs.

Collaboration and Contribution
To help me with this project David Humphrey and Boris Zbarsky. Both of these people can help me with getting to know how FireFox and SeaMonkey works. Humphrey is the teacher who is teaches the Open Source course at my school and Zbarsky is the one who filed the bug which lead me to this project.

Humphrey’s blog

Zbarsky’s blog

Barriers in my way
This project seems very overwhelming to me and this is the first time I have done programming at this big of scale. Having only done most of my work in school I don’t really write programs greater then 1000 lines. I will need to focus myself and learn how both of these browsers handle tabs.

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  1. See... that wasn't that hard?

    Also, it may seem like a big thing... it's not. Just take it one step at a time.